Sun Tea

Sun tea, solar iced tea, té trio

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It is hot and in the summer we tend to be in the 90 degrees F! Prepare an iced tea with the help of the sun, easy and refreshing.  I start with a glass pitcher filled with water, add tea bags of your choice. Place the pitcher in an area where you get sun or in a balcony and you willl see how the sun will make tea for you. This day it was so hot that I didn’t place the pitcher where the sun hits, it was left under a deck. Once it is ready, it is time to cool it down. Add ice or add ice to your glass. Store in the fridge once it is cool down. That’s it.

Drink it sweetened or unsweetened. I only add an herb such as basil or mint, no sugar. My children might add sugar or honey. Enjoy your solar iced tea.

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