Nutrition and cooking go together

Recipe Development

I am always creating and cooking new recipes. My specialty is in Latin cuisines, as you can tell!

My best ideas are while I’m cooking and stirring. My best and unique recipes are for my clients and the rest of the recipes are on my social media channels.

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Cookbook published by the American Cancer Society

Maya was the host of a health television show where we worked together to create healthy version of Latin recipes. The show aired on Saturday mornings in Colorado. The show ended and we were so thrilled that the American Cancer Society was interested in the recipes that we shared every weekend.

These Latin recipes were created by Martin from Mexico, Maya from Perú and me from Panamá. My mother who passed from breast cancer would have loved this cookbook! I still pinch myself that I can contribute and help others who want to eat delicious foods. If you are interested, it is available in the kindle version or print in English and Spanish. Thanks for your support.

Refried beans the healthy way

“I enjoy making small changes to recipes especially those recipes that people love and are part of the culture. My concept is simple, if you are going to change a recipe keep the flavor and make it until it tastes good. I like healthy and flavorful recipes.” – Malena

media work

As a Dietitian Nutritionist who speaks Spanish, I learned early on that I needed to reach more people. The media outlets can help to share the message about eating healthy and nutritious foods. That is how it all started. I saw it in my own family how difficult was to handle a condition like diabetes, especially if you are alone and don’t have support.

As a nutrition counselor, I knew I could help more people and I became a freelance writer, helped reporters and writers with their stories, got invited to talk on radio shows and be in front of the camera to deliver the message of healthy eating. If you or your company think we are a good fit, and are interested in sponsoring my mission, contact me and I can tell you more.  My nutrition business includes recipe development, food photography and creating consumer-oriented print and video materials on general nutrition, diabetes, and other topics directed toward Latinos.

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food photography