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Hello, I’m Malena Perdomo, MS, R.D, CDE registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. I create recipes and meal plans for clients and brands.

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If you haven’t, sign up to get my newsletter about nutrition tips and food ideas to inspire you to eat delicious foods. You will receive my 5-heart-healthy salad recipes to start with.  Now, I am not just about salads, I like meals with flavors that can fill one up.  Rice, beans and chicken stew with a sofrito sauce and a salad is my favorite meal.  My job as a dietitian has been connecting people to enjoy foods and cook a little more when they are managing diseases like diabetes and weight. I can teach you how to eat a well-balanced diet to fit your lifestyle, your cooking style, and schedule and I can give you the right resources you need to stay on track.

Please send me an EMAIL to get in touch.

Free 15-minute consultation

 Let’s connect and talk about your nutrition goals and which program is better for you. Send me an email to schedule your free consultation. 

Coffee shop or in your home

For those who live in the Denver area. Meet me for an hour to discuss your nutrition goals, plans and leave with ideas and nutrition tips. For some, it is better to meet up at your home with the convenience of having your family participate. Basic cooking is included. Rate: $150

Nutrition wellness check in program- Online plan

We will meet up for one hour online. Sign up for a one-on-one nutrition counseling session to talk about your diet needs. 
Rate: $100

Nutrition wellness jump start – Online plan

We will meet up three times online for 30 minutes (a total of 1.5 hours). This is for those who are looking to improve health with a healthy diet and need resources such as 3-day meal plans, with recipes and a grocery list to achieve their goals. Kickstart your nutrition goals.
Rate: $200

Nutrition wellness individual bundle program- Online plan

We will meet up weekly for two months (a total of 8 sessions). The first session is an initial consultation of one hour to assess your needs and set goals. The following sessions are weekly sessions of 30 minutes to assess progress. This program is for those who are ready to improve their health who have a specific diet need. Resources will be provided to follow a 3-day meal plan and a 21-day meal plan especially made for you to manage a condition such as diabetes management, hypertension, heart conditions or weight loss.
This is your one-on-one support program with customized meal plans, and weekly reviews to update your goals and plans. It has a start and end date that you need to commit. At the end of the program, you will receive a personalized cookbook to continue your journey and we will continue to be in touch via email. 
Rate: $900.


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