Question about asparagus

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Irma, a student in one of the community’s nutrition classes, asked me about asparagus. She has seen this vegetable in grocery stores but needs ideas on how to cook it. I admit that I had never eaten asparagus before I moved to the United States. Have you tried it?

My favorite way to cook asparagus is to steam them just like broccoli. It gives the asparagus a great flavor and it helps to preserve the nutrients. Another simple way to prepare it is on the grill or in the oven. For either of these ways, place the asparagus on foil with some olive oil, sea salt and pepper. It is excellent if you pair it with grilled fish. Cook it until it is ‘al dente’ – soft but still crisp. You can drizzle fresh lemon juice over it, and also add it to salads and stews. What is your favorite way to cook asparagus?

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