Kale salad with lentils

Ensalada de kale con lentejas

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I love kale in a variety of dishes. Kale in soups stays strong and it gives it a hearty flavor. Kale in chips, so toasty and crispy. Kale in smoothies, it gives it a kick stronger than spinach. Kale as a wrap stays well all day long. Here is a kale salad with leftover lentils.

It took my family a couple of years to warm up to kale salad. They would eat the crispy kale chips and in soups but not in salads. Of course, every time I want them to try something new, well I have a secret, I just add crispy bacon. It is funny how they fight over that crumbled bacon! Although, this one doesn’t have bacon. I wanted to keep this salad 100% vegetarian.

When I want my family to try something new, I have a secret. Add crispy bacon.

Here is another trick that helps, which is massage, massage the kale leaves with extra virgin olive oil. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, season with fresh lemon juice, salt and add something sweet such as honey or squeeze the juice of an orange or mandarine.

col rizada masaje con aceite de oliva

Enjoy this salad with leftover lentils, sliced radicchio, roasted red pepper and carrot sticks. Send me a message if you also struggle with people who don’t like salads like this one. Salud!

Ensalada de col rizada con lentejas

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