Ensalada de col rizada con lentejas

Ensalada de kale con lentejas

A mi me encanta la col rizada o kale en una variedad de platillos. En las sopas, las hojas de col rizada se mantiene fuerte y le añade textura y un sabor fuerte sabroso. Los chips tostados de col rizada son crujientes. En los licuados la col rizada le da un sabor mas sustancioso que la espinaca. La col rizada se usa como si fueran tacos y se mantiene bien todo el día. Aquí te enseño mi ensalada de col rizada con lentejas.

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Pumpkin soup with fresh pumpkin

A real pumpkin pie squash soup that is perfect for fall made from scratch. The intense flavor of the spices makes this soup the real deal. In the fall you can find these small pumpkins in the United States. These are known as pumpkin pie squash. The rest of the season when there are no fresh pumpkins we have canned pumpkin puree. But beware, this recipe has only been made with fresh pumpkin.

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Peach Crisp with Oats Gluten Free

Peach and oats crisp

Let’s get some peaches and when they are a little on the soft side, and ripened, bake them with a mixture of oats, cinnamon and milk. It is gluten free and easy to prepare. It can easily serve two people, but I have served it four people without a problem in my family.  Sometimes all we need is a small dessert after dinner, don’t we?  Read more