“La Familia de la Cruz” Miniseries

Below you’ll find a 15-part miniseries that follows the health journey of a multi-generational family struggling to survive in a fast-paced and demanding environment. Sponsored by LiveWell Colorado, this Thornton-based family is committed to improving their health through healthy eating and active living. However, they learn it’s not easy to balance opposite work shifts, break-out of their sedentary lifestyles, fight packaged and fast foods and manage their health conditions. Respected nutritionist Malena Perdomo guides this close-knit family through a life-changing transformation that will have them spending more quality time together as they work together to improve their healthy habits. Tune in to all 15 two-minute segments to learn how your family can follow their journey to health. For more information, please visit: lafamiliadelacruz.org

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