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Children learn from you

If you have a child with a weight problem, don’t put them “on a diet”. Instead, begin to make changes for the whole family in what you buy, prepare and eat. Good decisions start the moment you add food to your shopping cart. Also, encourage them to exercise a minimum of one hour every day. Even better, make time to exercise with them! Healthful eating and exercise habits must be for the WHOLE family.

There is fruit on the table

If I put fresh fruit on the table, it is a light, healthy snack that can (and will) be eaten while we finish cooking. What do you serve before food is ready?

Children: Kids like Snow, So, Let them Play!

Max and Alexander hiking with our dog in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. We packed our lunches and water bottles. But it is not easy. When we start hiking, the crying starts because “it is too cold” or “the snow is too deep”. My favorite after hiking 5 minutes is “Are we there, yet?” It can be so easy to give up, turn around and sit all day drinking hot chocolate from afar but we can’t. We are the role models, we have to get out there with them, and play together. Once they start playing with the snow they can’t stop and don’t want to go back. Get them tired and you will be rewarded.