Flan de Calabaza

Un flan de calabaza para la mesa del Día De Acción de Gracias. Usa las lata de puré de calabaza y el resto de los ingredientes para hacer flan. Es un postre sin gluten que le hice a una amiga para sustituir el pie de calabaza que no puede comer. 

El paso más difícil de hacer este postre es el caramelo que se coloca en el fondo de una bandeja de vidrio de 9.5 pulgadas x 1.6 pulgadas (24cm x 4cm). El sartén que uso es de los anti-adherentes que no se pegan las cosas. Este paso me tomó varias veces hacerlo antes de que me saliera bien. Ahora es super fácil para mi. Si eres principiante en la cocina te aconsejo mirar videos en la internet de cómo derretir el azúcar.  Read more

Pumpkin Flan

Prepare a pumpkin flan for Thanksgiving. Use one can of pumpkin puré and the usual ingredients to make flan. It is a gluten free dessert that I made for a friend who can’t eat pumpkin pie. 

Making the caramel is not an easy step if this is your first time. You will place the melted sugar on the bottom of a glass baking dish 9.5 inches x 1.6 inches (24cm x 4cm). I use a non-stick pot to melt the sugar. This step took me several times to get it right when I was learning. Now it’s super easy to do. If you are a beginner, check some online videos on how to melt sugar.  Read more

Dip de frijoles negros con tahini

Para las fiestas prepara un dip de frijoles negros cremoso como aperitivo que es fabuloso.

[Divulgación: Sesame King me mando muestras de la crema tahini. Pero no fui pagada por esta receta solo use su producto. Las opiniones siempre son mías. #muestras.]

Necesitas una lata de frijoles negros o puedes usar frijoles de la olla. Primero hay que darle un poco de tu sabor a los frijoles negros. Calienta los frijoles negros en una sartén con algunas especias. Calienta con tomate, dientes de ajo y cebolla picada. Añade sal, pimienta y hojas frescas de cilantro o perejil. Read more

Black Bean Dip with Tahini

This is a fabulous creamy black bean dip for a party! 

[Disclosure: Sesame King sent me samples of the tahini paste. But I was not paid for this recipe, I just used the product. Opinions are always mine. #sample.]

Start with a can of black beans or with fresh cooked black beans. First add some flavor to the black beans by heating them in a pan with some spices. Chop tomato, garlic cloves, and onions and add to the black beans. Season with salt and black pepper. Add fresh herbs such as cilantro or parsley.  Read more

Gazpacho a shot of antioxidants

This is a healthy and refreshing recipe from Spain. It is fabulous as an appetizer for a party. It is my favorite dish when there is an abundance of tomatoes from the garden at the end of summer. This is my second gazpacho recipe that I have on my site. My first recipe  yields a lot more liquid while this one is thicker and has crunchier tasty bites. Feel free to adapt this gazpacho recipe to your taste.  
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Homemade Sauerkraut

Give it a try and make your own sauerkraut at home and ferment some vegetables. One benefit of eating kraut is that you will be getting those beneficial probiotics that support your gut health. To start getting some live active cultures in your diet start with a healthy diet and add probiotics foods such as kefir, miso soup, kimchi or sauerkraut.


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Easy Chimichurri Sauce

This chimichurri sauce from Argentina adds flavor to any meats, empanada, yuca and it can be used as dressing for vegetables. Prepare ahead of time and save it in the fridge to serve at any time.


The main ingredients are flat leaf parsley, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and any chile pepper. I have added swiss chard or kale to this recipe especially when using it as a salsa for dipping.  Read more